The Kanger SubVod Mega TC Starter Kit is the perfect counterpart to the more traditional box mods currently on the market.


This tube mod kit contains everything you need to go all out with high-powered vaping in a trimmed down form factor.


Despite the starter kit nomenclature, this kit is actually designed for people who are already comfortable pushing the limits of vaping with premium coils and sub-ohm settings in a safe and practical package. 

Temperature Control

The temperature control features of the Kanger SubVod Mega TC Starter Kit allow you to jump between a number of preset configurations designed specifically for Ni200 and Titanium coils. 


Kanger offers its own brand of coils specifically for this purpose, or you can branch out and try a number of other combinations from other brands.


If you aren’t quite ready to start testing out different coil types, the standard coils are inexpensive and still allow you to use this device in variable wattage mode to get a variety of different flavors and intensities. 

Top Tank

As an added benefit to the slimmer tube style mod, the vape juice tank is conveniently moved to the top of the device for easy access.


Instead of having to partially disassemble your device to change batteries or refill, you can easily add fresh vape juice right from the top in an instant. 


The Kanger SubVod Mega TC Starter Kit comes with a built-in 2300 mAh battery, smoothly concealed within the tiny tubular mod body.

Depending on your vaping style this can be an important factor as it is a built-in feature requiring you to keep your device plugged in for charging rather than having multiple sets of interchangeable batteries.


This can be a hassle for vapers who know they won’t make it through a full day on a single charge. 

Performance and Style

Overall, the Kanger SubVod Mega TC Starter Kit has positive performance ratings with its modern chipset and numerous safety features. It allows vapers of all experience levels try out various temperature control modes and find a range that works for them. In addition, it comes in multiple colors while remaining smaller and more convenient for day-to-day carrying than some of the larger TC box mods that have been around for a while. 

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